Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Herb chopping tip!

This is for all of you cooks who like me dread having to chop up fresh herbs!

I began to panic last night when my meat loaf recipe called for "chopped" fresh parsley. Then I remembered a trick my good friend SJ had taught me.

My husband & I were over at her house one evening for dinner when I saw her doing something strange. She had a big plastic cup & a pair of kitchen scissors in her hands.

I asked her what she was doing & she explained she was chopping the herbs. She had cut off a portion of the herb & put it in her cup. She then took her kitchen scissors & cut the herb inside her cup until it was chopped into tiny little pieces.

Well, last night I tried it for myself & sure enough it was the quickest, easiest job of "chopping" herbs I've ever had!

I just rinsed out the cup & moved on.


glenda said...
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kludge said...

Cool tip!

You guys should have a sidebar with links to all the tips from each week so we can remember them all!

J Crew said...

This is a good tip. Even I could probably chop herbs that way