Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pancake Flippin'

I consider myself a pretty good at home chef. I especially love baking. The things you get to eat after all your hard work are so yummy! I’m good at following recipes and most of the time I’m left with something quite tasty. And yet there was one simple food item that use to elude me…Pancakes!!! For years I just couldn’t cook or flip a pancake to save my life. Brownies, cookies, chickens and roasts all seemed easy enough but that darn little pancake I just couldn’t get right. I’m happy to say that after many years of flops and a lot of helpful suggestions from friends and family along the way I have finally conquered that elusive pancake!! One suggestion came from my dear grandmother, Dolores Brouse, who has since gone on to be with the Lord. She is where I got my tip for the day.

Helpful Tip for Perfect Pancake Making:

Everyone knows you butter the pan or griddle but she told me if you lightly butter your spatula it helps it slide under the pancake for easy flipping!

Grandma Brouse could also forgo the spatula all together and just flip the pancake with a quick shake of the pan. I remember one time I was watching her do this when she looked over and asked me if I knew what she was doing to which I simply replied, “Sure you’re showing off”. Luckily I had a grandmother who loved me very much and had a great sense of humor. She just laughed and laughed. So remember this Saturday when you have a chance to sit down and eat breakfast as a family that some of the best memories are made in the kitchen.
From the Kitchen of Taffeta Tadpoles


SJ said...

Great tip :):) Glad you are here!!!!!! Yea!!! Now the kitchen is complete! You are so right - great memories are made in the kitchen! Thanks for the tip! I too have had my fair share of flipping pancakes!

SJ said...

Oh - and now I want pancakes :)

J Crew said...

A good flip is not easy. Do you make tadpole pancakes?

jenylu said...

Thanks for the tip.

Pan cakes are a family favorite so I'll try it out.

kludge said...

Great tip dear...you'll have to practice...